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Get ready to see what you’ve been missing! Our friendly optometrists at Eyes Plus Ears have been helping Aurora patients see clearer for years.

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Clear skies start with clear sight

At Eyes Plus Ears, we’re here to help you say goodbye to blurry vision! We understand the challenges of impaired sight and the impact it can have on your well-being. Our welcoming optometrists have been helping patients from Aurora for years and we’re ready to assist you in achieving clear vision. From trendy eyewear to hassle-free contacts, or ensuring your eyes are healthy, we’ve got you covered.

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Your vision deserves a thorough exam

Our dedicated team of optometrists have been helping patients from Aurora for years. Our optometrists ensure a thorough eye exam, dedicating time to understand your unique vision concerns, and creating a relaxed environment for your peace of mind. We’re proud of the care we offer.

New glasses, new you

After your eye exam, check out our optical haven showcasing frames from Ray Ban, Oliver Peoples, Etnia Barcelona and more. Uncover eyewear that not only enhances your vision but also complements your unique style effortlessly.

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Contact lenses Aurora

Contacts crafted for clarity

For those who prefer contacts, Eyes Plus Ears is your go-to destination. Our skilled optometrists specialize in fitting diverse lenses—daily, weekly, monthly, and rigid gas permeable. Discover the comfort and clarity of contact lenses, including specialized options like scleral lenses for unique eye needs.

Aurora’s choice for family eyecare

It’s no secret why Aurora families choose Eyes Plus Ears as their trusted eyecare partner. We’ve been serving the community since 1984. From pediatric exams and myopia control for the kids to glasses and contacts for every age, we’re here for your family’s vision needs. Join the thousands of patients that rust us for glaucoma monitoring and diabetic eye exams and ensuring clear and healthy vision for their family.

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Eidon fundus camera and a fundus photo in the background

Get the whole picture

experience a new standard in eyecare at Eyes Plus Ears with the Eidon Widefield Fundus Camera. Unveiling high-resolution images of your eyes, this advanced technology provides unparalleled insights into your ocular health. Our optometrists use this cutting-edge tool to detect and monitor eye conditions with precision, offering you a comprehensive assessment for optimal vision.

The benefits of choosing Eyes plus ears for your optometrist eye exam

See why so many Aurora patients choose our optometrists for their eye exams

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Advanced technology

By using the latest technology and our years of experience, we can detect vision problems early and provide prompt treatment

Family atmosphere benefit

Family atmosphere

We pride ourselves on our welcoming family atmosphere, making you feel at home and at ease during your visit. That means no high pressure sales.

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Integrated care

A unique combination of optometry and ophthalmology services allows us to offer an unprecedented level of care and convenience as everyone shares the same chart.


We have all the latest tech to deliver a thorough eye exam

Spectralis OCT

Spectralis OCT

The Spectralis is the reference OCT system that all others are compared to. It takes the most repeatable images which is essential when monitoring conditions such as glaucoma or retinal conditions requiring a precise measurement in change during treatment.

The OCT takes a cross sectional image of the back of the eye. We like to describe it as an ultrasound of the eye. It is completely painless and doesn’t take very long to do.

Eidon fundus camera

Eidon fundus camera

Our state-of-the-art Eidon Widefield Fundus Camera is a game-changer in eye care. By capturing high-resolution images of the back of your eye, we gain unparalleled insight into your ocular health. This cutting-edge technology allows us to detect and monitor various eye conditions with greater precision, providing you with a comprehensive assessment and enabling early intervention when necessary.

Medmont corneal topographer

Medmont corneal topographer

Our corneal topographer allows us to map out the cornea (the outer most layer of the eye). This tool is extremely helpful in getting a precise fit for contact lenses. It also allows us to follow a myopia control treatment and the progression of kerataconus.

Nidek refraction system

Nidek refraction system

We use the Nidek digital refraction system to get the most accurate refraction possible. The biggest upside to using the system is that we can instantly show you the difference between how you see with your current glasses and how you’ll see with your new glasses.

iCare tonometer

iCare tonometer

We know how much everyone HATES the air puff tonometer. That’s why we invested in the iCare. It is the most gentle tonometer available, it doesn’t require anesthetic and best of all, it’s accurate.

IOL master

IOL master

Our optometrists use the IOL master to measure the length of your eye. This is essential when you are following a myopia treatment. Without it, we can’t tell if the treatment is working.

Zeiss visual field

Zeiss visual field

The Zeiss / Humphrey visual field machine is the gold standard in measuring a patients peripheral vision. This machine plots out the points you see so that your optometrist can track any changes to your vision. This is essential when following glaucoma, drug toxicities, effects of a stroke and a multitude of other conditions.

We know how important your time is. That’s why we invested in two visual field machines. This allows us to do all your testing on the same day as your appointment.


Some of the eye conditions we diagnose, treat or follow

  • Macular degeneration
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataracts
  • Floaters
  • Myopia
  • Dry eyes
  • Drug toxicity
  • Diabetes
  • Retinal detachment
  • Amblyopia
  • Strabismus


How do I get to Eyes Plus Ears from Aurora?

We’re easy to find

Although our office is located in Newmarket, we have thousands of patients that live in Aurora.

Take the Highway 404 North towards Newmarket.

Turn left at Davis Drive. Travel 500m

Turn right at Leslie Street and continue for 1.4km

Turn right in to the plaza just after the Ford and Lincoln dealership

Directions to Eyes Plus Ears from Aurora
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Areas we serve

Although our office is located in Newmarket, we service patients from the following locations: Aurora, Bradford, Newmarket and Richmond Hill.


While you’re looking around, check out some of the other eye services we offer

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Frequently asked question

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

If you are under 20 or over 65, your eye exam is covered every 18 months with an optometrist.

If you are between 20 and 65, you may be covered if you have one of the following conditions:

  • Glaucoma requiring or having had treatment with medication, laser (excluding prophylactic laser peripheral iridotomy), or surgery
  • Cataracts / posterior capsular opacification with a visual acuity of 20/40 or worse in the best corrected eye, or when a surgery referral is made
  • Retinal disease that is acute, or is chronically progressive
  • Corneal disease that is acute, or is chronically progressive
  • Uveitis that is acute or chronic during episodes of active inflammation
  • Optic pathway disease that is acute, or is chronically progressive
  • Acquired cranial nerve palsy resulting in strabismus during the acute phase or until the condition resolves or stabilizes
  • Ocular drug toxicity screening for patients taking hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine, ethambutol or tamoxifen
  • Diabetes

We charge $150.00 for an exam not covered by OHIP. This fee includes a high resolution, widefield image taken with our state of the art Eidon fundus camera.

Yes, we can try to bill your eyeglasses or contacts directly depending on your insurance provider and plan. Please contact our office by phone at 905.898.7414 or send us a message. You may also use the fully-paid invoice from Eyes + Ears to make a claim with your insurance provider.

OCT testing using our Heidelberg Spectralis OCT is $80

Eidon fundus photography is $50.
*Please note that this service is included in the fee for a private eye exam not covered by OHIP

Private visual field testing starts at $50. Ministry of Transport testing and visual fields starts at $150.

Typically, you can expect your appointment to take around one to one and a half hours.

Please bring the following:

  • Health card
  • Glasses you wear for distance and for reading
  • A list of your current medications
  • sunglasses – as your eyes will likely be dilated making you more sensitive to light

When you see one of our friendly optometrists, they will start by taking your history to find out what they can help you with. They’ll measure your eye pressure, check your vision and then perform a refraction to find your correct power of lenses needed for you to see your best. We use our Nidek refraction system to determine whether you need new glasses or not.


Next you will be dilated. This is where we put drops in your eyes so that we can examine the back of your eyes. The drops will make you more sensitive to light and blurry up close. They can last a couple of hours. We then perform any additional testing that is required such as a visual field test, take fundus photos or OCT images.


After the drops have had a chance to work, the optometrist will call you back in to their room to complete their examination using the slit lamp. They’ll talk to you about their findings and answer any questions you may have. The whole appointment takes around one to one and a half hours.


If you’d like to look for some new glasses, we can help you select some new frames after your appointment.

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