Ear wax removal

Get ready to hear what you’ve been missing! Our expert audiologist at Eyes Plus Ears in Newmarket will help remove your earwax so you can hear clearer.

Ear wax removal

Why aren’t you hearing your best?

When it comes to hearing tests, our expert audiologist always begins with a thorough examination of the ear. Sometimes, hearing difficulties can be attributed to a simple issue like earwax buildup, which blocks the eardrum and hinders sound transmission. Fortunately, our skilled audiologist is well-versed in earwax removal techniques, ensuring that you can hear clearly and without any discomfort.

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Earigator - ear wax removal device

We have the latest tech to comfortably remove earwax

At our clinic, we utilize the advanced Earigator for safe and painless earwax removal. This effective treatment uses water irrigation to gently flush out excess earwax buildup. The Earigator features a self-contained temperature control function, ensuring that the water remains at a comfortable level matching your body temperature, minimizing any risk of dizziness. With precise pressure controls, even stubborn earwax is quickly and efficiently removed, providing relief while safeguarding the sensitive eardrum.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

To ensure your ears stay clear and prevent future earwax buildup, our audiologist may recommend over-the-counter drops as a preventive measure. These specialized drops are designed to help keep earwax soft and facilitate its natural expulsion from the ear canal. By incorporating these drops into your ear care routine, you can minimize the risk of earwax accumulation and maintain optimal hearing health.

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The benefits of choosing Eyes plus ears for ear wax removal

See why patients trust us for their ear wax removal in Newmarket

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Advanced technology

We use the Earigator to gently remove earwax. It sets the water To the same temperature as your body and is so much more comfortable than any other method you’ve experienced in the past.

Family atmosphere benefit
Family atmosphere

We pride ourselves on our welcoming family atmosphere, making you feel at home and at ease during your visit. That means no high pressure sales.

Experience benefit

Why trust just anyone to your ears when you can have a professional with years of experience remove your earwax the right way.


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Frequently asked question

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

No, earwax removal is typically painless when performed by our highly trained audiologist using the Earigator.

When performed by a qualified audiologist, earwax removal is safe. However, attempting to remove earwax at home using objects like cotton swabs can lead to injury or infection. Always seek professional help for earwax removal.

Symptoms may include earache, reduced hearing, or a feeling of fullness in the ear. An audiologist can examine your ears to determine if earwax removal is necessary.

We charge $90 for earwax removal as a service when provided on its own.

When performed as part of a hearing test, the cost is $70 on top of the cost of the hearing test.

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