From designer frames to value options, our optical dispensary at Eyes Plus Ears in Newmarket has glasses for every style and every budget

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Personalized glasses for your unique face

Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you select glasses from our optical that not only complement your facial features but also meet your specific visual needs. We’ll guide you through the process, taking into consideration your face shape, lifestyle, and the activities you’ll be using your eyeglasses for. Whether you need eyewear to see clear in the distance, up close or both, we’re here to ensure you walk away with the combination of frames and lenses that not only look great but also provide optimal comfort and functionality.

Man choosing glasses
Man getting eye glasses fitting

We’ll help you find what you’ve been looking for

we believe that feeling your best goes hand in hand with looking your best. That’s why our optical in Newmarket offers a wide range of stylish eyeglasses that allow you to express your unique personality and fashion sense. We understand that your glasses are more than just a vision aid – they’re a reflection of your style. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is here to help you find the perfect frames that not only enhance your vision but also make a statement.

The right look…

We’ve curated a fantastic selection of designer eyewear, featuring top-notch brands like Ray Ban, Prada, Oliver Peoples, WOOW, Orgreen Optics and more. These frames come with that distinctive flair we think you’ll absolutely adore. Whether you’re looking for a classic, trendy, or bold look, our optical has something for everyone.

Prada frame - luxury eyewear
Selecting a pair of glasses

For the right price

We understand that budget is an important consideration, which is why we offer a range of eyewear options to cater to every budget and style preference. From affordable value frames that don’t compromise on quality to luxurious designer pieces, you’ll find the perfect pair that not only enhances your vision but also showcases your individuality.

We do specialty glasses also

Whether you’re looking for some stylish sunglasses, new frames for the youngest member of the family or specialty glasses for sports and recreation, we have you covered.

Woman wearing sunglasses
Optometrist eye exam in Newmarket using the phoropter

It all starts here

At Eyes Plus Ears in Newmarket, we understand that great glasses start with the perfect prescription. Our expert optometrists are committed to providing you with a thorough eye exam that goes beyond routine checks. We believe in the importance of precision, ensuring that your prescription is accurate to enhance your vision. With state-of-the-art technology and a personalized approach, our friendly team is dedicated to delivering the best eye care experience.

The benefits of choosing Eyes plus ears for your glasses

See why patients are choosing our Newmarket optical in for their glasses

Wide selection of glasses benefit

Wide selection

we have a wide selection of frames for every face shape at every budget. Your sure to find the perfect frame that suits your face and your budget.

Family atmosphere benefit

Family atmosphere

We pride ourselves on our welcoming family atmosphere, making you feel at home and at ease during your visit. That means no high pressure sales.

Fair prices

Fair prices

we don’t believe in gauging our patients. You can rest assured that you’re being charged a fair price.


Some of the designer brands we carry are…

Lenses options

You have lots of choice but we’ll help make it easy

Single vision lens

Monofocal lenses

Monofocal lenses provide clear vision at a specific distance making them ideal for individuals who seek precise correction for one task such as reading, computer usage or driving.

Bifocal lens

Bifocal lenses

Bifocal lenses feature two prescription powers in one lens, allowing seamless transition between near and distance vision, eliminating the need for multiple pairs of glasses and providing convenience and versatility for individuals with presbyopia.

Progressive lens

Progressive lenses

Progressive lenses offer a gradual transition between different prescription powers without a visible line, providing clear vision at various distances for reading, computer work, and viewing far objects, combining functionality with aesthetic appeal.

High index lenses

High index lenses

High index lenses utilize advanced materials with a higher refractive index, resulting in thinner and lighter lenses, providing excellent vision correction while reducing the thickness and weight of glasses, enhancing comfort and visual aesthetics.

Tinted lenses illustration

Tinted lenses

Tinted lenses come in various shades, providing protection against harmful UV rays, reducing glare, and improving contrast, offering both functional benefits like sun protection and style options to express personal taste.

Transition lenses

Transition lenses

Transition lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight and return to a clear state indoors or in low-light conditions, providing the convenience of having prescription glasses and sunglasses in one, protecting against UV rays while adapting to changing light conditions.


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meet our optometrists

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Frequently asked question

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…

  • 14 Day Glasses & Sunglasses Return Policy – if you are absolutely not satisfied with your glasses frame or sunglasses, please contact our office at 905.898.7414 or at within 14 days of delivery. All returns must be received by our office in new and unworn condition. Unfortunately, For sale items, we do not offer refunds but do offer exchanges within 14 days of purchase..
  • Eyeglasses and sunglasses: Cases must be returned. Glasses and sunglasses will be inspected before a credit or refund is issued. 

Warranty claims are subject to review upon assessing the defect by photo or in-person at our office. Any glasses or sunglasses classified as defective may be returned for a one time replacement within 1 year of delivery. Our warranty does not cover damage caused by the wear and tear of everyday use, sudden force or impact, accidental damage, including but not limited to: lens scratches, loose hinges, missing screws, broken frames, detached temple tips or detached nose pads.

Unfortunately we do not offer a warranty on discounted frames that are discontinued. This is because the manufacturer can not provide replacement parts. However, we will do everything in our power to help you.

Any cosmetic issues (such as scratches, paint chips or marks) are not covered by our warranty unless they occur straight from the box and are reported within 14 days of delivery. After 14 days they will be classified as wear and tear and be ineligible for any return or warranty claim.

Of course you can and we’d love to help you find the perfect pair of glasses.

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