Custom made ear plugs

Block out the world with custom made ear plugs from Eyes Plus Ears in Newmarket

Custom made ear plugs

Amplify the silence and discover custom ear plugs today

Whether you’re jamming on stage, working in a bustling construction site, or simply trying to catch some quality Zs next to a snoring partner, your ears deserve the best protection. Custom ear plugs are the ideal solution for those seeking tailored and effective hearing protection. Musicians, swimmers, industrial workers, and light sleepers alike can benefit from the personalized fit and noise reduction capabilities of these earplugs. Don’t compromise on your hearing health, let our expert audiologist create custom earplugs that fit perfectly, keeping you comfortable and safeguarding your hearing in any environment.

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Custom made ear plugs in use

Perfect fit, perfect protection

While over-the-counter earplugs can muffle sounds, custom ear plugs take hearing protection to a whole new level. Embrace unparalleled comfort with a snug fit that effortlessly adapts to your ear canal. Unlike generic earplugs, custom versions are reusable, reducing waste and saving you money in the long run. Whether you have narrow ear canals or struggle with inserting traditional earplugs, custom ear plugs will prove to be a breeze to put in and take out. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to the perfect balance of noise reduction and ease of use.

Tailored protection

Experience a seamless and painless process as our expert audiologist creates custom impressions of your ears right in the office. Within just 10 to 15 minutes, we capture the precise shape of your ear canals to ensure a perfect fit. These impressions are then sent to our specialized lab where high-quality silicone ear plugs are meticulously crafted to match your unique specifications. You can even add a touch of personal flair by choosing the color that suits your style. Embrace superior comfort and tailored hearing protection with custom ear plugs made just for you.

Custom made ear plugs from Eyes Plus Ears

The benefits of choosing Eyes plus ears for your custom made ear plugs

See why patients trust us for their custom made ear plugs in Newmarket

personalized care

Personalized care

Whether you work in a noisy environment, have a snoring spouse or are looking to prevent swimmers ear, our audiologist can recommend the right custom ear plugs for your unique ears.

Experience benefit

Family atmosphere

We pride ourselves on our welcoming family atmosphere, making you feel at home and at ease during your visit. That means no high pressure sales.

Experience benefit


Why trust just anyone to your ears when you can have a professional audiologist with years of experience mold the perfect ear plugs just for you.


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Frequently asked question

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Our audiologist will insert a small foam pad in to your ear. This is to form a barrier between your eardrum and the injected material that serves as the mold for your custom ear plugs.


A cool soothing gel is slowly injected in to your ear. It takes around 5 minutes for the gel to harden. Once it does, the mold is removed and the process is repeated for your other ear.


Once both molds have been taken, we ship them off to a lab. We usually receive back your custom ear plugs within a week.

Anyone exposed to loud noises, such as musicians, industrial workers, swimmers, and light sleepers, can benefit from custom ear plugs tailored to their specific needs.

Custom ear plugs start at $200. This covers the cost of taking the impression and. the silicone ear plugs themselves.

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